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Vegan & Cruelty Free Skincare Routine

Vegan & Cruelty Free Skincare Routine
Vegan & Cruelty Free Skincare Routine

 I am not the kind of girl that gets home from a night out and immediately washes my makeup off before passing out by any means [trust me, I wish!] and I am not here to say I have the perfect routine check me out haha, I just want to share some awesome vegan, cruelty free products that I have been loving, and I hope some of you do too! For those of you that may not know what cruelty free refers to, it means that the product was not tested on animals and is generally more natural because if the product isn’t loaded with chemicals they don’t have to worry about testing it on animals before humans. I have been conscious about purchasing cruelty free skincare and beauty products for some time now and I have found some products that I truly love and make my skin feel good! I have very dry skin and pretty large pores, but I have been lucky to have quite clear skin my whole life. In the past I would buy all kinds of cleansers and serums to try to balance my skin, it was always super dry and when I tried to moisturize it I would always break out. Then I would use harsh acne washes to get rid of the breakouts, and the cycle would repeat. Since making an effort to use more natural, cruelty free products on my skin and stick to roughly the same products my skin is “glowier” and more comfortable [even through this last winter!].

Coconut Oil

Frizzy hair? Coconut oil. Dry skin? Coconut oil. No makeup remover? Coconut oil. Bad credit? Coconut oil.

What else can I really say about coconut oil? It is a natural inexpensive product that can replace so many products that we all keep in our homes, I use coconut oil to remove my makeup and to moisturize overnight when it is really dry!

Alaffia Everyday Coconut: Cleansing Face Wash

This is a brand that I just stumbled upon on amazon and was first drawn to it because it is coconut scented. Upon looking into it I realized that it was vegan, cruelty free, and fair trade and their mission is to support Empowerment Projects. Alaffia is definitely a brand that I plan to continue supporting and try new products. This cleanser is gentle and smells great!

Alaffia Everyday Coconut: Coconut Water Face Toner

I started using this product at the same time as the face wash and I absolutely love it, it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and awake, and I love that it smells like coconuts as well. I have went through a couple of both of these products already, and plan to continue repurchasing.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

I started using this product in Alaska during the winter, as my knuckles would always crack and bleed because of the dry weather. This was the only product that I have found that really helps my skin in the winter months when the weather is working against my dry skin. I do use this year round however on both my face and body.

Lush Grease Lightning

As I mentioned before I would break out a little bit and would panic and load up on the chemically acne washes. Now when I do have breakouts I apply this tea tree and aloe gel to them after washing my face and before bed and it calms them down!

Alba Botanica Facial Peel

This product is a pretty recent find for me, but it has quickly become a part of my weekly routine. It is a very lightweight mask using fruit acid, and has a lovely citrus scent. The directions say to only leave this on for a couple of minutes, so what I have gotten into the habit of doing is putting it on right before I get in the shower and then rinsing it off after standing in the steam for a minute or two, I feel like doing this helps to open my pores. This peel leaves my face incredibly smooth and I do notice a significant difference in my pores. This product is labeled as 100% vegetarian  but on their website it specifies that they only use animal products that have been deposited by animals which they have no future use of, such as beeswax.

Yes To Facial Wipes

Ideally down the road this is something that I would like to faze out of my routine, because of how wasteful it is to use and throw away all this material when I could certainly take the extra minute or two to breakdown all that makeup with coconut oil. It is definitely a convenience thing that I am just not ready to give up. I have tried a lot of makeup remover wipes over the years though and my favorite without a doubt is the Yes To lines, I tend to rotate between the coconut and grapefruit [which is linked above] ones! This brand is cruelty free, but not all of their products are vegan check out a list of the products that are here!

Leave a comment below of one of your favorite cruelty free products!


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